Darowa Family Register

Dear Compatriots

The native town community (HOG) of Darowa together with Mr Peter Berwenger, Mr Martin Mahalek and Mr Nikolaus Reiter intend to compile a family register of Darowa.

Data research and collection is, in fact, already fully in progress. To ensure the records of our compatriots are completely accurate, however, we depend on your help and support and are therefore making this Internet appeal.

Many records have not been registered since 1960 and consequently a lot of data has to be collected, especially that of children not born in Darowa (Rumania).

The registration form for data can be downloaded from the HOG Darowa homepage, printed and filled in manually. When completing the form please ensure all spelling is correct and note the following:

- Not all data collected will appear in the register, such as for example, address, telephone number, email address etc. We only need this information should we need to contact anyone to clarify entries. Information may also be passed on via relatives or acquaintances who originate from Darowa and who still have little contact to
compatriots. In this case please include address or telephone number if possible.

- Data which is not registered and which is not in our data collection will not, for various reasons, appear in the register.

- Later additions (e.g. birth of a child, marriage, divorce, death) may be registered up until the publication of the register.

- Include deceased children, brothers and sisters.

- Remember to state the emigration date.

- We are open to proposals and tips at any time.

- Please help us make this family register a good, popular reference for all compatriots.

The following data will be found in the register:

Surname, Christian name (all first names)
Date of birth, place of birth
Father, Mother, children (with index as to where these can be found in the history).

For any queries, please contact:

1. Helmut Orner Tel: 0049 7424 7681
2. Ewald Berwanger Tel: 0049 7424 5770
3. Karl Orner Tel: 0049 7424 5778
4. Werner Orner Tel: 0049 7424 6433

All emails should be sent to the webmaster.

We would like to thank you in advance for your active support and send our best regards to all Darowanian compatriots.

Yours sincerely

The Executive Board